Like a race team pit crew, our apps give your team a boost to make compliance and audits faster and more efficient.

  • We conduct an initial half-day training to cover inspections setup, including fields, sheets, and forms. We help you organize the fields and sheets and get proficient with the software.
  • We provide follow-up video chats to answer any software-related questions. Development is collaborative to make sure the training and implementation go smoothly.
  • Your team handles the integration, setting up series race specifications, and loading data into all fields.
  • We can perform preliminary tests and go through several checks before launch.
  • If desired, we are available at your events beginning to end and through the race season.

After your purchase of software and hardware, we can offer various options for support.

The above list of bullets points is support we provide specifically for TechWorks. Please inquire about our other support services by filling out a contact form below.

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